Skateboarding has been a passion within Squad19 since the early '80s when a young Steve Tenebrini saw the Bones Brigade Tour come through town at a local strip mall skate shop for a demo in 1984 and purchased a Tony Hawk deck that day.

(Reissue on the left - OG on the right)

The riding was all in the street on portable homemade launch-ramps as empty pools and backyard vert-ramps were non-existent in the suburbs of Minneapolis back then.

Fast forward 33 years, having been screen printing gigposters and art prints since 2000, Tenebrini figured it was time to revisit a childhood dream and attempt to tackle designing and printing skateboards.

Easier said than done. Our first attempt was the result screen-printed flat veneers that were then pressed by a local deck manufacturer and while they turned out great, the finishing process proved to be a hurdle nobody wants to deal with moving forward. There are still a few available in our store from the limited edition of 12 that were produced.

We've got a growing variety of street decks, mini-cruisrers and old-school shapes available via Boardpusher. If you'd like us to design a custom deck for yourself or a loved one, that can be arranged as well by simply contacting us for a quote.

We don't care if you want to grind rails, get big air on a vert ramp or simply carve on the sidewalk. Skateboarding is for everyone.

Keep pushin'!